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Pro Delivery - everywhere with care

The company has opened its door to its services nationally and across Europe in 2010. These include relocation services and courier services covering England and Wales to other destinations such as Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania.

We have been approached to offer support in all marketing aspects, from leaflets, business cards, logo design, website and social media. To enable us advice on best aspects of the business needs we’ve arranged meetings to establish their unique selling point by pin pointing their own values and customer model needs.

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As a result the company has decided to do a full rebranding and create a new image. We have designed the brand logo and opted for an ‘always looking forward approach’ by distinctively choosing a font with ‘italic’ format. We have selected the use of colours such as red, yellow and blue to express the bond to its origins in Romanian flag. Another colour such as ‘green’ is a symbol of freshness and because this was chosen in their first marketing materials.